Faculty Directory

Clara Gimenez
Assistant Professor of Law

Expertise: Ethics and Professionalism; Disability Law; Evidence

Oliver Goodenough
Director, Center for Legal Innovation
Professor of Law

Expertise: Business Law; Corporations; Defamation and Libel Law; Energy Law and Regulation; Intellectual Property and Copyright Law; Internet and Communications Law; Science and the Law

Cheryl Hanna

Expertise: Constitutional Law; Criminal Law and Procedure; US Supreme Court; Juvenile Law

Faculty Director of Online Learning
Hillary Hoffmann
Professor of Law

Expertise: Natural Resources Law and Management; Administrative Law; Climate Change; Native American Law

Erin Jacobsen
Staff Attorney
Mark James
Senior Research Fellow
Assistant Professor
Shirley Jefferson
Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity
Adjunct Faculty
Gregory Johnson
Director of the Legal Writing Program
Professor of Law

Expertise: Legal Writing; Appellate Advocacy; Sexual Orientation and the Law

Kevin Jones
Professor of Energy Technology and Policy

Expertise: Energy Law and Regulation; Clean Air Act; Climate Change; Air Pollution

Martha Judy
Professor of Law

Expertise: Alternative Dispute Resolution; Hazardous Waste and Toxic Substances; Legal Education; Superfund; Torts and Product Liability; Wildlife; Environmental Litigation and Mediation

Laurie Kadoch
Professor of Law (Retired)

Expertise: Family Law; Dispute Resolution; Appellate Advocacy; Conflict and Communication; Language and the Law; Negotiation; Client Counseling; Legal Writing

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Assistant Professor of Law

Expertise: Administrative Law; Environmental Law; Bankruptcy; Environmental Litigation; Land Use Planning and Regulation; Property Law; Trial Practice; Wills and Trusts

Ken Kreiling
Professor Emeritus of Law

Expertise: Civil Procedure; Evidence

Assistant Professor of Law

Expertise: China and the Environment

Mark Latham
Professor of Law
Faculty Representative, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees

Expertise: Clean Air Act; Clean Water Act; Corporations; Torts and Product Liability; Environmental Enforcement and Regulation

Cynthia Lewis
Director, Julien and Virginia Cornell Library
Assistant Professor of Law
Yanmei Lin, Vermont Law School
Associate Director
Associate Professor
Reed Loder
Professor of Law

Expertise: Environmental Ethics; Judicial Ethics; Property Law

James May
Director, South Royalton Legal Clinic
Professor of Law

Expertise: Family Law; Clinical Legal Education; Disability Law