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Summers Abroad

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JD students at Vermont Law School can also study abroad during the summer through programs offered by other ABA-accredited law schools.

Dozens of international summer study abroad programs are offered each year by ABA-accredited law schools. Students should contact the host institution directly for information regarding application deadlines, tuition and fees, schedules, credits, and requirements of these programs. Current VLS students can obtain official transcripts and letters of good standing from the VLS Registrar’s Office.

Vermont Law School will accept the transfer of credits earned at a summer program offered by an ABA-accredited law school if courses do not duplicate coursework completed at Vermont Law School. Official transcripts from the program must be submitted to the VLS Registrar’s Office to transfer the credits. Students can also request that these credits apply toward the Certificate in International and Comparative Law (up to the allowable maximum). Such requests should be made to the Cynthia Lewis, Director of International and Comparative Law Program.

Note: A summer study abroad program at an ABA-accredited law school does not satisfy the six semesters “residence” requirement for the JD degree and grades from the program will not be used in calculating a student’s cumulative GPA.

Previous Participants

Summer 2013- Nuremberg Summer Program (Creighton University School of Law)


Students learning international criminal law abroad at the Nuremberg Summer Program

"The N2H program contributed to my legal education by jump-starting my passion for oral arguments. Giving an oral argument in Courtroom 600 before Judge Geoffrey Robertson is a rare opportunity for experienced legal professionals, let alone a first year law student! Moreover, it exposed me to non-U.S. trained legal approaches and professionals, the discussions that my classmates and I had in and out of the classroom have continued to permeate my academics. Finally, since the program, I have remained in contact with Prof. Watts, Prof. Kelly, and Dr. Bryant. They all have continued to lend encouraging words, mentorship, and support. I hope to continue these connections in the future and I cannot recommend a program or professors more. Anyone interested in learning International Criminal Law or the Nuremberg Trials should take the opportunity to apply to the N2H program."

Crystal Abbey, JD '15