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European Union Data Collection and Privacy Statement

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Vermont Law and Graduate School, located in South Royalton, Vermont, U.S.A., an independent law school, collects data online for the purposes of: considering applicants for admission; enabling students to apply for clinics, externships, extracurricular programs, and events; and for students and others to make payments for tuition and other activities. In addition, data collection such as IP address logging of visitors to our websites, occurs as an automatic function of our digital business processes. Data is collected via encrypted protocols and stored securely. Retention of data is determined by departmental authorities based on the needs of the department and US federal law. Some data is forwarded to other, third-party tools or entities, where it is stored securely and retained based on rules set by those tools or entities.

European Union country citizens may withdraw their consent to have their data retained, or request the removal of their data from Vermont Law School repositories, at any time, by contacting

Under EU guidelines, requests for removal or retrieval of an EU resident's data must be acknowledged within 30 days of the request.