Employment Statistics

Each year, we report our employment statistics for the most recent graduating class to the American Bar Association (ABA) ten months after graduation. The numbers for the Vermont Law School Class of 2018 follow. We are glad to discuss them in greater detail or speak with you directly about your particular situation. Please contact the Office of Career Services at 802-831-1243 for additional information or to set up an appointment to speak with a counselor.


Employment Statistics for the Class of 2018


Employment Status Number Full-Time Part-Time
Number Reported % Reported Long-Term Short-Term Long-Term 1 Short-Term
Employed (Total) 113   99 4 5 5
Bar Passage Req'd 94   88 3 3 1
JD Advantage 12   9 1 0 1
Professional 3   2 0 1 0
Non-Professional 4   0 0 1 3
Pursuing Grad. Deg. FT 2  
Unemployed (Total) 24  
Not Seeking Job 6  
Seeking Job 18  
Status Unknown 0  
Total Graduates 143 100%
1 A "long-term" position is one that either has no definite term or a term of one year or more. A "short-term" position is one that has a definite term of less than one year.

Please click on these links to view the complete data that we submitted to the National Association for Law Placement (NALP 2016; NALP 2015) and the American Bar Association (ABA 2018; ABA 2017; ABA 2016).