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Semesters Abroad

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The International and Comparative Law Program at Vermont Law offers semester study-abroad options for JD students at the following leading law schools:


Montreal, Canada

McGill University’s Faculty of Law has a world-renowned international and comparative law curriculum. Its location in Montréal, Québec, Canada makes it an ideal place to develop an understanding of both common law and civil law legal systems. The city of Montréal is located approximately three hours by car north of Vermont Law School.


Trento, Italy

The University of Trento is one of Europe’s leading schools for the study of European Union law and comparative law. Located in northern Italy, it is surrounded by the scenic Dolomite Mountains. Trento offers law courses taught in English, Italian and German. Courses recently taught in English include Comparative Constitutional Justice, Economic Analysis of Legal Institutions, African Law, Introduction to Italian Law, and Protection of Fundamental Rights in Europe.

CY Cergy Paris Université FACULTY OF LAW

Near Paris, France

A leading French law school located on the outskirts of Paris and the top-ranked school in France for business law, the CY Cergy Paris Université offers Vermont Law students the option of enrolling in just the first semester of its LLM program in French and European Union Law. Courses in this program are taught in English by Cergy professors and by practicing lawyers from Paris law firms, thereby offering students both exposure to French legal education and contacts among legal practitioners in Paris. The school’s location on the edge of Paris gives students access to historical and cultural centers that can help add perspective to their law studies.


Paris, France
One of the original University of Paris law faculties, Paris 1 offers a wide array of courses, including in international and European Union Law.  Students must have language proficiency to take courses in French.