The job market for new lawyers and policy experts has never been more competitive. At Vermont Law School, we can help you gain the edge you need in today's legal marketplace. Whether your passion is sustainable food and agriculture, the environment, sports law, or traditional legal practice, you will graduate from Vermont Law confident that you have the specialized skills and knowledge that you'll need to succeed in your chosen field.

Employers who hire Vermont Law School alumni know that our graduates can "walk the talk." Alumnus Adam Sowatzka JD/MSEL '97 recalls that when he was a brand-new attorney at the Environmental Protection Agency, he found himself sitting across the table from a team of five corporate lawyers. Despite being one of the youngest and least experienced attorneys in the room, the EPA asked him to lead the case. He says that VLS prepared him to practice law, and the master's program particularly enabled him to hit the ground running. Adam's experience is not the exception among Vermont Law graduates; it's the rule.

Our 15 key areas of specialization are cross-functional and interdisciplinary. You'll find that you can drill down into a piece of domestic energy legislation, or broadly explore the relationship between the law and climate change... draft an award-winning legal brief, or prepare a case for litigation using tomorrow's innovative legal technology... mediate a family matter in the South Royalton Legal Clinic, or advocate for the public interest in China. You will learn from—and alongside—the top minds in your area of specialization, and also gain practical, useful experience you can showcase on your resume.

We can help you specialize in the areas of law and policy that match your passions and talents. Read on to learn how Vermont Law School can take you beyond the basic law school curriculum.