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Environmental Law Society

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The ELS is a student organization whose purpose is to promote environmental awareness and provide a forum for student participation in projects and action concerning global environmental issues. The ELS strives to affect global, national, statewide, and local issues by pursuing specific goals and cooperating with other environmental groups.

The Environmental Law Society takes pride in organizing events to educate both Vermont Law School and the local Vermont communities on environmental issues and service projects.

Check back frequently for updates on how you can get involved with ELS both on-campus and off!

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ELS Executive Board

Co-Chairs: Joe Haase and Mia Schiappi
3L Senators: Brianna Tibett and Corey Lim
2L Senators: Michael Brown and Cat Kelly
1L Senators: Sarah Puzzo and Ryan Mitchell
AJD Senator: Ben Surface
Masters Senator: Brianna Snider
Co-Treasurers: Malachi Brennan and Claire Valentine-Fossum
Co-Events Coordinator: Chloe Castro and Gordon Merrick
Secretary: Kate Klaus

Fun and Useful Links

VLS Outdoors Club Activities Guide

CGC Guide to Campus Greening
Photos from the ELS Kick-Off for 2010-2011

Environmental Films

Unacceptable Levels
Growth Busters (has commentary from Professor Speth)
A Fierce Green Fire
Ocean Frontiers (screening event description)
The Cove

Campus Events

Please check the ELS Board on campus for future events—it's located by the side door to Chase, near the Café.

Past Events

Campus Greening and ELS Earth Week 2014

Environmental Solutions Conference 2014

Press Release
Introduction and Panel 1 video link
Panel 2 video link
Panel 3 video link
Panel 4 video link
Panel 5 (Paul Watson) video link

Meeting Minutes:

General Meeting Minutes 9/13/2017
General Meeting Minutes 4/5/2017
General Meeting Minutes 3/8/2017
General Meeting Minutes 2/22/2017
E-Board Meeting Minutes 1/28/2017
General Meeting Minutes 1/28/2017
General Meeting Minutes 1/18/2017
General Meeting Minutes 12/01/2016
E-Board Meeting Minutes 10/19/2016
General Meeting 10/4/2016
Executive Board Meeting 9/26/2016
General Meeting 9/13/2016


The Environmental Law Society at Vermont Law School

Environmental Law Society
Vermont Law School
PO Box 96 Chelsea Street
South Royalton, Vermont 05068

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