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Concentration in International and Comparative Law

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Earning a concentration in International and Comparative Law from Vermont Law School demonstrates a committed focus on international law. Program graduates have the skills and substantive knowledge to play a strong role in international firms, international organizations, NGOs and government agencies.

A minimum of 18 credits in international, foreign and comparative law courses with no more than 10 credits on a pass/fail basis. Students must maintain an overall cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above in courses used towards the concentration (except as noted) and earn a minimum of 87 credits for degree.


  • International Law (Must earn a "B" or better in this course)
  • Comparative Law or other comparative law course (Must earn a "B" or better in this course)


  • INT7426 Comparative Constitutional Law
  • INT7414 European Union Law-Trento
  • ENV5218 International Climate Change Law
  • Semester in Practice with international/foreign law focus (maximum 10 credits towards certificate)
  • Semester Study at McGill University
  • Semester Study at University of Trento
  • Semester Study at Paris 1
  • Semester Study at Cergy-Pontoise
  • ABA-approved Summer Study Abroad courses
  • An independent research project (IRP) conducted abroad, if based upon international work experience during law school, including summers, if the prior approval for this purpose is obtained from the Director of International and Comparative Law Programs
  • Other such courses approved by the Director of International and Comparative Law Programs


  • All "INT" courses
  • VLS Summer Session Courses:
    • ENV5230 Global Energy Law and Policy
    • ENV5423 Ocean and Coastal Law
    • ENV5478 Global Good Security
    • ENV5564 Peace, War & The Environment
    • INT7446 International Trade & the Environment
    • Environmental Governance
    • Other VLS Summer Session course approved by the Director of the International and Comparative Law program