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Online Application Status

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The Vermont Law and Graduate School Admissions Office uses a paperless review and decision process. This page will provide explanations for the various status messages that you may see your file progress through. If you have any questions about the information on this page, please contact us.

Once your application is received and processed by the office (a process that may take a couple days during peak application season), you will receive an acknowledgment email. Please visit the Applicant Online Status Portal to track the process of your application (JD students only). This portal will display all current information about your application to Vermont Law and Graduate School including contact information, mailings sent to you, and deposit deadlines for admitted students.




Pending Verification Your application was successfully submitted and is ready to be processed by Admissions to check for completion. We will contact you if a portion of your file has not been received. None
Application Incomplete Your application has been received, but we do not have all of the documents needed. We may be awaiting additional information such as a letter of recommendation, an LSAT score, or final transcript. Please contact us if you see this status for a prolonged period of time. Varied
Ready for Review All the necessary parts of your application have been received. Your file is ready for review. None
Review in Progress Your file is now in the first round of review. This typically takes two to four weeks depending on file load. None
Pending Decision The initial review on your file has been completed. Confirmation of decision pending. None
Pending Decision/Hold Admissions has placed you on the hold list. You will receive an email outlining the steps you may take to strengthen your file. None
In Committee Review Your file required an additional review by our Faculty Admissions Committee. This will extend the review of your file. Factors for this vary. You may contact the Admissions Office for specific information regarding your file. None
Review on Hold Your file is on hold for further review. Additional documents may be required. See email
Hold for Future LSAT You have asked Admissions to hold your file until you take or retake the LSAT. Your file will continue the review process once this information is received from LSAC. None
Admitted Admissions has offered you a seat in this year's class. You will receive further information about deposit deadlines and scholarship shortly. None
Admitted/Deposit 1 We have received your first deposit. Thank you! None
Admitted/Deposit 2 We have received your second deposit. Welcome, Swan! None
Denied Unfortunately we were not able to offer you a seat in the class. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your file. None
Forfeit You have chosen to withdraw your application after making a deposit. None
Withdraw During Review You have withdrawn your application. None
Offer Declined You have declined our offer for admission. None