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Campus Greening Committee

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Point of Contact: Theresa Johnson


Campus Greening Committee (CGC) STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

Our Campus Greening Committee (CGC) is made up of engaged students, staff and faculty dedicated to furthering environmentally sustainable practices and policies on campus and throughout the community.



Campus Greening Committee GOALS

To work with the community to strengthen Vermont Law School’s commitment to conserving energy, reducing waste, encouraging public transport, and preserving natural resources.


Contact us for more information.


Some of the programs the CGC has successfully implemented include the following:

  • Creation of several large, well-marked receptacles for easier recycling across campus. A Technotrash, or e-waste recycling program, has also been implemented.
  • Establishment of a commuter route between Montpelier and the law school using Stagecoach Transportation Service’s local shuttle bus.
  • Installation of a solar-powered charging station for electric cars.
  • Establishment of a composting program designed to deal with much of the waste generated on campus, including all cafeteria food waste.
  • Providing educational materials on green practices and resources to incoming students each fall CGC via a reusable cloth tote bag, and maintaining a strong presence during the week-long Earth Day festivities each spring. Hands-on, creative activities have included smashing incandescent light bulbs to receive free energy efficient CFL light bulbs, blind taste testing bottled vs. tap water, and operating a bicycle-powered smoothie bar.

CGC EXECUTIVE BOARD currently inactive

CO-CHAIR: unfilled

CO-CHAIR: unfilled

TREASURER: unfilled

SECRETARY: unfilled



Contact Theresa Johnson for information about this Student Group.



Past Executive Boards

2019-2020 Executive Board

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