Online Faculty Directory

Tracy Bach
Professor of Law

Expertise: Appellate Advocacy; Health Care Reform; Health Law; Human Rights; Intergenerational Rights; International and Comparative Law; Legal Writing

Shalanda Baker
Associate Professor of Law
Laurie Beyranevand
Senior Faculty Fellow for Food Law and Policy
Professor of Law
Senior Fellow of the New Economy Law Center

Expertise: Health Law; Administrative Law; Food Law and Policy

Jared Carter
Assistant Professor
Michael Cote
Visiting Professor of Climate Change Adaptation

Expertise: Climate Change Adaptation; Land Use Planning and Regulation; International Development

Mark James
Senior Research Fellow
Assistant Professor
Ben Jones
Senior Global Energy Fellow
Distance Learning
Ross Jones
Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Environmental Law; Science and the Law; Natural Resources Law and Management

Donald Kries
Senior Energy Law Fellow
Steve Letendre
Adjunct Faculty
Sean Nolon
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
Professor of Law
Director, Dispute Resolution Program

Expertise: Civil Procedure; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Land Use Law; Environmental Law; Mediation; Negotiation; Constitutional Law; Arbitration

Craig Pease
Professor of Science and Law

Expertise: Endangered Species; Science and the Law

Associate Director, Career Services
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Ocean and Coastal Resources; Dispute Resolution; Science and the Law

Cari B. Rincker
Adjunct Faculty
Laurie Ristino
Associate Professor of Law
Senior Fellow of the New Economy Law Center

Expertise: Farm Bill; Climate Change; Ecosystem Services; Land Conservation

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Senior Global Energy Fellow
Stefanie Sidortsova
Fellow for Environmental Law and Policy
Professor of Law
Adrienne Soler, Vermont Law School
Associate Director of E-Learning
Adjunct Faculty
Johanna Thibault
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Environmental Law; Energy Law and Regulation

Jack Tuholske
Director, Water and Justice Program
Visiting Professor of Law

Expertise: Environmental Litigation and Mediation

Pamela Vesilind

Expertise: Animal Law; Food Law and Policy; Constitutional Law