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Academic Success

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Your Success in Law School!

Studying law is not like studying in undergraduate or other graduate programs. To succeed, you will need to revise many of your strategies and methodologies for reading, note-taking, analysis, writing, organization, and studying. These adjustments are critical to success in law school!

VLGS’s Academic Success Program (ASP) is a department specifically designed to help you learn, develop, and apply a new set of skills. ASP is made up of Professor Jessica Durkis-Stokes (Director), Professor Dayna Smith (Associate Director), and Katrina Munyon (Assistant Director), and 2nd & 3rd year student mentors.

As a VLGS student, you can and should use ASP in a variety of ways, including:

  • ASP Student Portal: Click here to open the login to the internal ASP Student Portal site (must have VLGS e-mail to access)
  • One-On-One Meetings: Prof. Durkis-Stokes, Prof. Smith and mentors are available to meet with you one-on-one or in small groups throughout your time at VLGS to assess your learning progress and develop the most effective study strategy for you.
  • Attend Workshops: ASP hosts many helpful workshops. First year workshops focus on developing the fundamental skills that will serve you throughout law school, and in achieving the best grades you can. Workshop topics include: Outlining, IRAC & Multiple Choice Strategies, Preparing for Finals, etc.
  • Visit Student Mentors: Your fellow classmates (2Ls and 3Ls) are available to meet through Teams or in the ASP Resource Room. You can meet with them individually or in a small group. Mentors are available to discuss note taking, case briefing, time management, study groups, outlining and preparing for midterms/final exam. Mentors have been there themselves, and can help you figure out what your professors are looking for!
  • Study Aids/Supplements: Creating your own outlines and study materials is the best way to review and reinforce materials. Study aids and commercial outlines are a great compliment. There are many options for study aids available through ASP and the VLGS Library, tailored to a variety of learning styles and study needs.
  • Prepare for the Bar: Early awareness, skills development, and disciplined study throughout law school are essential to passing the bar exam – a prerequisite to nearly every legal job. ASP offers many programs during your 2L and 3L years designed to help you pass the bar the first time.
  • Jump Start: For information about, or next steps involving the Jump Start program, email us at Academic Success!


Contact us at your Academic Success Program using our email here.

We look forward to working with you!