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Vermont Law School will continue with virtual classes during the fall semester. The physical campus will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. VLS community members should download the Health Screening App and check their email for more information. Please visit for general information, resources, and updates.

Academic Success

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Vermont Law School admits students who have the potential to become outstanding lawyers, advocates and policymakers. Success in law school requires every student to leverage his or her talents and address individual challenges.

The Academic Success Program empowers students to become effective students and accomplished professionals. This program is individualized and available to every student throughout the course of his or her degree program. ASP offers the following:

  • Skill building through workshops and one-on-one consultation;
  • Mentoring by upper-level students who provide guidance in basic skill areas, including time management, briefing, outlining, and exam-taking.
  • Resources including access to the ASP TWEN, which contains an exam bank, bar preparation materials, CALI lessons, and program updates.

ASP also offers the Pathway to Bar Passage program, which helps students manage their stress and increase their productivity during bar exam preparation through the following:

  • Bar Exam Info sessions
  • Early start Bar prep programs including substantive lectures
  • Simulated exams