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Student Life

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Whatever you might think student life is like at Vermont Law and Graduate School, think again. It’s a mix of the expected and new, the unusual and unforgettable.



It's a serious place where students organize national conferences through the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law, and study late into the night in a library carrel. They meet with governors, the Supreme Court of Vermont, U.S. senators and members of Congress, and advocates like Bill McKibben.

It's a place where the commitment to shared learning is tangible, and where students compete not to win but to be able to make a difference in their community and the world.

It's also fun. On weekends, students ski and ride at one of many nearby ski and snowboard resorts, including Killington. They hold dinner parties with food grown on a farm a few miles away. And with the arrival of summer, students leave the classroom and float down the White River that sweeps by campus.



Students here are engaged well beyond the classroom, library, and law clinic walls. When tropical storm Irene devastated Vermont, they left campus to help neighbors clean the muck and debris from their homes.

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Student life is a varied scene at Vermont Law and Graduate School. It's rural and it's sophisticated. One day can be spent lobbying Congress on an internationally important environmental case, and the next day may bring an Ultimate Frisbee competition with faculty and friends. All of this takes place in a state known for its natural beauty and strong sense of community.


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