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Veterans' Benefits

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For students using their Veterans Education Benefits: if you file your scholarship and financial aid applications before you know what your eligibility is, your award will not reflect your pending benefits nor will it include any Yellow Ribbon scholarship information (for qualified beneficiaries). Once we are notified that you will be receiving veteran's benefits, your financial aid award may be recalculated. Veteran's benefits do not affect federal financial aid, but may change institutional aid and scholarship eligibility. To determine eligibility, please contact your regional Veterans Benefit Clearing House by visiting Effective August 1, 2015, the maximum tuition and fee entitlement for students enrolled in a private institution is $21,084.89 annually. Your Certificate of Eligibility should be sent to the VLS Financial Aid Office.

Estimated monthly housing allowance for 100% GI Bill® recipients living in South Royalton: $1,368.

Benefits pay for some or all of your educational expenses, which include tuition, fees, materials, supplies, books, and parking. Some benefits also come with a monthly housing allowance. Payment received by the VA and/or DoD may not, under any circumstances, exceed 100% of the cost of student tuition and fees.

Vermont Law School participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Admitted VLS Veterans/beneficiaries entitled to the maximum benefit rate may qualify for the Yellow Ribbon Scholarship. Should there be remaining tuition charges after the entitlement benefits have been applied, eligible veterans can receive additional tuition assistance through the matching Yellow Ribbon Program. Vermont Law School voluntarily contributes up to $15,000 annually per student (not per academic program).

If a Veteran student at Vermont Law School is eligible to receive Yellow Ribbon benefits, and was awarded an institutional scholarship prior to the determination of VA benefits, he/she will have his/her institutional scholarship replaced with Yellow Ribbon funds. A Veteran student will not receive both Yellow Ribbon and VLS institutional scholarship. All Yellow Ribbon beneficiaries will be allowed to carry an account balance without penalty if they have received approval from the Financial Aid and Business Offices.


Department of Veteran's Affairs

You may verify your eligibility with your state VA Education Office

Yellow Ribbon Program

Post-911 GI Bill ®