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Read about some of our featured students below.

Samantha Doyle, Student Profiles, VLS
Samantha Doyle
Tony Mendez, Student Profiles, VLS
Tony Mendez
Marcel Dias, Student Profiles, VLS
Marcelo Dias

Vermont Law School is a different law school, and our students are an incredibly important part of what makes this school special and unique.

Students here are scientists, hackers, hikers, and musicians. They come from all over the U.S. and all over the world—from big cities and small towns. They are liberal, moderate, and conservative. Some arrive fresh from undergraduate-degree programs, and others come as professionals ready to change or expand their career. They are athletes, bookworms, rock musicians, and advocates. They come looking not to fit into the world, but to change it in some way, big or small.

And for all of this diversity, it's also an incredibly unified student community. Students are universally talented, sometimes quirky and restless, always engaged. They build igloos, raise money to support domestic violence programs, and host dinner parties. They are entrepreneurial self-starters and self-selectors who believe in community. They look after each other.

And after graduation, Vermont Law School students stay as friends while their careers grow as activists and lawyers.

Law school is difficult. It’s intense. But as Vermont Law students demonstrate time and time again, when you go through law school with people who share your passion and intellect, it’s powerful, energizing, and fun.