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Concentration in Animal Law

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Learn about the new LLM in Animal Law

Law students who successfully complete an Animal Law Concentration will have the knowledge and skills necessary to feel confident pursuing a career in animal law and policy. In addition, they will have the opportunity to highlight their interest in the field to prospective employers.

The concentration requires a minimum of 14 credits of coursework in the area of animal law. Students are required to earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in all courses counted towards the concentration in animal law. JD students must submit a declaration form by the end of their 4th semester. 

Students earning an Online Hybrid J.D. may follow the animal law pathway

Required Courses – At least one of the following

  • ENV5307 Animals and the Law (3 credits) 
  • ENV5422 Animal Welfare Law (2 credits) 
  • JUR7333 Animal Law and Ethics (3 credits) 

Electives – Minimum of 6 credits

  • ENV5307 Animals and the Law (3 credits)
  • ANM 5437 Animal Ethics (3 credits)
  • ENV5902.01 Animal Ethics and Conservation (SPTC Summer, 2022) (2 credits)
  • JUR7333 Animal Law and Ethics (3 credits) 
  • ANM5425 Animal Law in Practice (2 credits)
  • ANM 5431 Animal Protection Policy (3 credits)
  • ENV5406 Animal Rights Jurisprudence (2 credits)  
  • ENV5422 Animal Welfare Law (2 credits) 
  • ENV5412 Biodiversity Protection (2 credits)
  • ENV5336 Climate Change, Extinction & Adaptation (3 credits) 
  • ENV5902 Constitutional Animal Law (SPTC Fall, 2021) (2credits)
  • ENV5480 Environmental Crimes (2 credits)
  • ENV5411 Federal Regulation of Food and Agriculture (3 credits) 
  • ENV5380 Food Regulation and Policy (3 credits) 
  • ANM5435 International Animal Law (3 credits)
  • FAA5108.1 Introduction to Food and Agriculture (3 credits) 
  • ENV5108 Introduction to Law and Policy of Agriculture, Food and the Environment (3 credits)
  • ENV5235 Natural Resources Law (3 credits)
  • ENV5423 Ocean and Coastal Law (3 credits) 
  • ANM5433 Science of Animal Law (3 credits)
  • ENV5410 The Farm Bill (2 credits)
  • ENV5408 The Law of Animals in Agriculture (3 credits) 
  • ENV5901.05 Undercover Investigations of Animal Operations (2 credits)

Experiential/Writing – Minimum of 1 credit