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Jared Carter '09
Online Faculty

Jared Carter

Professor of Law
Co-director, Appellate Project
First Amendment Law
New Economy Law Center
Legal Writing
Center for Justice Reform

JD, Vermont Law School, 2009


Jared Carter


Jared Carter graduated from Vermont Law School in 2009. In addition to serving as an articles editor on the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law, he received an Equal Justice Foundation Fellowship to litigate a constitutional challenge to U.S. Treasury Department Regulations prohibiting travel to Cuba. A veteran attorney and advocate for social, legal and economic justice, Professor Carter spent a year as law clerk to Justices William Leaphart, Jim Rice and Jim Nelson at the Montana Supreme Court. Professor Carter returned to Vermont in 2010 to teach and practice law, and teaches Natural Resources Law, Political Lawyering, Legal Writing II, Appellate Advocacy, and Climate Change and the Law. In addition, he has developed study away courses that take students to Cuba to learn about the Cuban legal system. An active member of the Vermont bar, Jared also directs the Vermont Community Law Center, litigating constitutional and consumer rights issues in state and federal court. Professor Carter has a wealth of relevant experience and is dedicated to bringing his diverse background to the classroom. Professor Carter is an avid outdoors-person—backpacking, canoeing and fly-fishing in the warmer months, and cross-country skiing in the winter. Despite the fact that Vermont is landlocked, Professor Carter also enjoys surfing and does so in the frigid waters of the New England coastline.



Wanna go to Cuba? A Legal Primer on the law of the Cuban Embargo, 40 Vt. B. J. 2 (Spring 2015).

Cuba and Vermont: An Unlikely Connection, 36 Vt. B. J. 31 (Winter 2012)


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