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Scholarships and Grant Aid

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Vermont Law and Graduate School offers merit-based, need-based, and opportunity-based scholarships. Scholarships are awarded by VLGS and made possible through the generous contributions of VLGS alumni and donors. The awards are based on academic abilities, achievements, community service, and other considerations.

A variety of financial assistance is available at Vermont Law School in the form of scholarships, loans, work study, and fellowships.

At Vermont Law and Graduate School, we are fortunate to have resources that allow us to offer merit-based scholarship aid. Merit awards are given annually to entering students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement and promise, evidence of commitment to public service, or dedicated environmental stewardship.

Questions or concerns? Please contact financial aid or contact admissions.


Tuition and Financial Aid at Vermont Law School
Tuition and Financial Aid
We are here to help navigate the process and help you achieve your educational goals.
Tuition and Fees at Vermont Law School
Tuition and Fees
Tuition and Fees for attendance at Vermont Law School.
Applying for Financial Aid
Applying for Financial Aid
Find out how you can apply for federal and institutional financial aid.
Cost of Attendance, Vermont Law School
Cost of Attendance Residential
Learn more about the cost of attending Vermont Law School, including transportation, rent, books and more.
Cost of Attendance Online, Vermont Law School
Cost of Attendance Online
Learn more about the cost of online attendance at Vermont Law School.
Loan Repayments Assistance Program at Vermont Law School
Loan Repayments Assistance
Vermont Law School is dedicated to making public interest law an affordable option for students looking to pursue their passion in this rewarding, but often low-paying career path.
Scholarships for New Students at Vermont Law School
Scholarships for New Students
Merit-based, need-based, and opportunity-based scholarships for new students at VLS.
Scholarships for Returning Students at Vermont Law School
Scholarships for Returning Students
Scholarships are available for matriculating students at Vermont Law School.
Fellowship Opportunities at Vermont Law School
Fellowships at VLS
Fellowships at VLS provide opportunities to pursue a degree while gaining practical experience in the field of study.
Financial Aid Policy at Vermont Law School
Financial Aid Policy
The VLS Financial Aid Office is ready to assist you in whatever way we can.
Veterans Benefits at Vermont Law School
Veterans Benefits
Veterans Education Benefits can pay for some or all of your educational expenses.

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