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A student organization promoting debate, public speaking, education, and advocacy

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Speak Members 2015 - 2016

Speak's mission is to promote debate, public speaking, education, and advocacy at Vermont Law School. Through this mission, Speak aims to create educational programs and trainings that will support members of the VLS community and increase participants’ confidence in oratory, critical thinking, and diplomatic dissent.

Each student in the VLS community has a unique set of experiences, passions, and abilities. In order to achieve academic excellence and professional growth for students at VLS and others in our community, Speak offers debate and self-presentation trainings to help individuals improve their public speaking abilities.

Speak is founded on the principle that VLS community members should have access to educational opportunities to strengthen their personal and professional growth. Speak seeks to promote this growth through offering debate and public speaking training to increase educational opportunities and enable individuals to confidently advocate for themselves and their passions.

SPEAK's Executive Board 2015-2016

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President: Jessica Bullock
Vice President: Jessa Mae Orluk
Secretary: Al Dean
Treasurer: Kevin Gillespie
Chairs of the SPEAK Mock Trial Group: Judson N. Knappen Katherine Dressel
Social Chair: Shane J. Prate
Director of the "SPEAK With Us!" Radio Program: Elijah LaChance



Speak Conference Working Session

Faculty Advisors

Margaret Martin Barry,
Associate Dean of Clinical and Experiential Programs and Professor of Law

Greg Johnson,
Director of the Legal Writing Program and Professor of Law


Speak Mission Statement
Speak By-Laws
Speak Officers and Advisors

Meeting Minutes

March 17, 2015
November 11, 2014
October 28, 2014

NOTE: The Vermont Law School SPEAK Chapter is a student group and as a separate (but proud!) chapter of SPEAK Inc., a non-profit incorporated in Vermont dedicated to promoting powerful voices by encouraging speech, persuasion, education, advocacy, and knowledge. For more information visit:

SPEAK Members, 2014


SPEAK Members, 2014