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Vermont Law and Graduate School Tabletop Society

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The purpose of this organization is to provide a space for the multitude of students who professed an interest in tabletop gaming. To achieve this, VLGS Tabletop Society shall engage their creativity and relieve stress by engaging in various facets of epic story immersion. Through the medium of tabletop role-playing games, the VLGS Tabletop Society shall foster camaraderie, dynamic and abstract problem solving, as well as leadership for its members. It is our belief that games of this nature can provide self reflection and self-actualization while allowing opportunities of building rapport with various individuals in a legal environment. Games such as Dungeons and Dragons pose hypothetical scenarios involving issue spotting and critical analysis in inventive ways that can improve the effectiveness of aspiring lawyers, master students, and faculty. It is our desire to give everyone who wishes it the opportunity, and recognition, to their passions for tabletop role playing without judgment.


Find information about our events, including weekly Dungeons and Dragons games, on our Facebook page or sign up for our listerve to receive email notifications of events.

For our more info on our Charter please check here.


Prime Minister: Owen LeSesne,
Minister of Civil Service: Sadie Edmundson,
Minister of Finance: Savannah Rose,
Minister (Mistress) of Records: Madison Pevey,
Faculty Advisor: Katie Merrill,