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Student Groups

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Student-led organizations are an integral part of the Vermont Law and Graduate School experience. Most students participate in one of the many community service, governance, affinity, special interest and advocacy, and sports student groups on campus.

Reflecting the non-competitive, small, action-oriented culture of Vermont Law and Graduate School, these student organizations and activities offer experiential learning, leadership and collaboration, and friendships that can last a lifetime.

Just as important – or maybe even more important – student groups connect people that share interests and ambitions, from defending animal rights to fielding the very best intramural rugby team…ever.


For more information about these student groups, including current executive board members, please visit the Student Affairs/Student Groups Portal site (must have VLGS e-mail to access)



The mission of Alliance is to communicate and promote the goals and needs of LGBTQ+ students; to educate the greater South Royalton community about LGBTQ+ identities; to assist in the fight to achieve equality before the law; and to sponsor conferences, speakers, and events that promote diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality at VLGS.  


 Animal Law Society

Animal Law Society (ALS), a student chapter of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, is dedicated to providing a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at protecting the lives and advancing the interest of animals through the legal system. During the school year, ALS will hold monthly meetings, host speakers and a spring symposium on current issues in animal rights and welfare law, attend the annual Animal Law Conference in Portland, Oregon, sponsor campus events, and advocate on behalf of vegan and vegetarian students within our law school.


 Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA)

The mission of APALSA is to (1) facilitate awareness, education, and discussion of issues and events that affect Asian Pacific Americans and other minority groups within the legal world and society at-large; and (2) to cultivate a supportive community within Vermont Law & Graduate School. 


 Association of Law Students for Accessibility (ALSA)

ALSA is a coalition of members of the law school community who may or may not identify as having a dis/ability. The purpose of ALSA is to communicate and promote the access goals and needs of students; to educate the greater South Royalton community about accessibility needs; to assist in the fight to achieve equality before the law; and to sponsor conferences, speakers, and events that promote both diversity and inclusion at VLGS. 


 VLGS Basketball Team

To build community and relationship through sport.


 Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

The purpose of BLSA is to articulate and promote the professional goals and needs of minority law students; to encourage and foster professional competence; to focus upon the relationship between minority law students and the law structure; to instill in minority law students a greater awareness of and commitment to the needs of the minority community; to influence American law schools, legal associations to use their expertise and prestige to bring about change within the legal system in order to make it responsive to the needs of the minority community and to do any and all things necessary and lawful for the accomplishment of these purposes. Furthermore, it is the focus of the Vermont chapter of the NBLSA to collaborate with other fund eligible student organizations to promote diversity, enhance cultural awareness, and to impact on the institution, community and region in accordance with the mission of both BLSA and NBLSA.


 Business Law Society

The Business Law Society at Vermont Law and Graduate School was organized to help graduate students pursue academic, professional, and social opportunities arising from the nexus of law and business. BLS exposes its members to interdisciplinary issues affecting both law and business, and fosters interaction among students, faculty, and professionals within these fields. Some of the ways in which the BLS accomplishes its goals include networking events for students and alumni, a speaker series on topics in business and law, and social opportunities that bring together law and business students.


 Christian Law Fellowship 

The mission of [CLF] is to maintain a group of Christian law students who are dedicated to living a life that adheres to Christian principles as outlined in the Bible, seek to reflect the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in their lives, and desire to show the love and light of Jesus Christ within the Vermont Law School Community.


 Energy Law Society

The mission of EGLS is to provide a forum for individuals to increase and spread awareness of our current energy situation and of our collective energy future by affecting activism and change at the community, state, national, and global levels while strengthening the link between VLS students and the VLS Alumni in Energy.


 Environmental Justice Law Society 

One of the guiding principles of the Environmental Justice movement is that all people have the equal right, free of discrimination, to be protected from environmental pollution, and live healthy lives. As the Environmental Justice Law Society at VLGS, it is our goal to break the cycle of disproportionate impacts in communities of color and low-income communities. We work to help build capacity for action within the communities of VLGS and South Royalton, as well as nationally and internationally in order to further the Environmental Justice movement. Through our initiatives, we strive to foster community growth and make sure people are heard.


 Environmental Law Society 

The ELS is a VLGS student organization whose purpose is to promote environmental awareness and provide a forum for student participation in projects and action concerning current environmental issues. The ELS strives to affect global, national, statewide, and local issues by pursuing specific goals and cooperating with other environmental groups.


 First Generation Law Student Association 

The First Generation Law Student Association at VLGS aims to provide academic support and professional skill development resources to all first generation students.


 Food and Agricultural Law Society 

It is the opinion of FALS that issues relating to food production and agricultural systems are directly tied to anthropogenic climate change on the global scale and extensive environmental degradation, animal rights, food supply, and human health domestically. These issues are, and will continue to be, among the most important facing the U.S. and the world, now and generations into the future. It is also the belief of FALS that many of these issues are carelessly overlooked. With respect to these issues, this organization seeks to educate, raise awareness, affect policy, and provide community benefit and beyond. FALS will endeavor to engage minds on all sides of the issue of sustainable food systems. 



Hearsay is established to offer a creative outlet to the Vermont Law and Graduate School and South Royalton students and residents, thereby fostering community in an ungraded, accessible forum. School acts as a major stressor on each of our lives, and not retaining the ability to create outside of its parameters will dishearten any. Law School embodies this, but on an even grander scale.  Hearsay is meant to offer an avenue. It is meant to promote thinking which extends beyond the individual and into the lens of the collective, challenging the ideas of our peers and our surroundings. It is meant to build rather than destroy. Our words hold power, and we must use them wisely, for they are the difference between change and stagnation – the difference between creation and annihilation.


 Ice Hockey Club

An inclusive organization with the ultimate goal of giving students the opportunity to take a break from school, create relationships, and be an facilitate activity between members of VLGS and member of the Vermont community through the game of hockey. All VLGS students are welcome to engage with the hockey team regardless of experience.


 International & Comparative Law Society

The International and Comparative Law Society's mission is to promote intersectionality, greater understanding of international and comparative law, and to broaden the legal mindsets of its members.  The ICLS uses education, discussion, and events to foster the development of international and comparative law among the VLGS community, and to create an appreciation for diversity in the law.


 International Law Students Association

The International Law Students Association (ILSA) at VLGS aims to promote community, empowerment, and advocacy for all international students at VLGS.  Specifically, ILSA seeks to address the needs of incoming international law students who are new to the United States.  ILSA intends to build a strong alumni network at VLGS while harnessing the power of peer mentoring to achieve knowledge and skills that will help new international law students navigate the profession of law.


 Jewish Law Student Association

The purpose of this organization is to provide a platform through which the VLGS community may celebrate Judaism in an affirmative supportive environment. Additionally, the JLSA Seeks to strengthen bonds with the greater community through embracing our Jewish identity.


 Justice Advocacy Initiative

Contact the Justice Advocacy Initiative for more information about this Student Group at VLGS.


 Latinx American Law Students Association (LALSA)

The Latinx American & Caribbean Law Student Association (LALSA) is an affinity group composed of Latinx, Caribbean, and allied students, faculty, and community members. LALSA seeks to advocate on behalf of Latinx, Caribbean, BIPOC, and LBTQIA+ students by raising awareness of issues facing our communities––legal and otherwise––and acting to manifest change. LALSA strives to represent the rich diversity of Latinx and Caribbean cultures here at Vermont Law and Graduate School (VLGS).
The central mission of LALSA is to support Latinx and Caribbean law students. Our mission is accomplished by the following goals:
1.    Providing a safe space for Latinx, Caribbean, and other BIPOC students to share their cultures and experiences.
2.    Diversifying the legal field by increasing Latinx and Caribbean representation.
3.    Advocating for Latinx, Caribbean, and other BIPOC students at VLGS.
4.    Advocating for hiring and retaining Latinx and Caribbean faculty.


 Mental Health Committee

Our mission is to serve the students of VLGS by ensuring that mental health continues to be a prioritized aspect of their journey through a legal or graduate education, and by providing spaces and events where students can learn more about mental health resources, talk to others, including professionals on occasion, about mental health, and connect with other students to work towards the cultivation and preservation of a culture of good mental health. We look to do this with special regard for restorative justice philosophy and with a non-hierarchical leadership and open-inclusion organizational structure that will hopefully help us create the safe and open spaces and dialogues necessary to destigmatize seeking mental health services and those with mental health conditions or illnesses.


 Muslim Law Students Association

The Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA) seeks to connect Muslim students and allies through community events, advocating for the needs of the Muslim community at VLGS, and provide relevant diversified educational programming.  We welcome all Muslims, from every sect and across varying degrees of practice, as well as allies to the Muslim community.  We hope to foster a community of understanding, love, support, and compassion at VLGS.  Our goal is to set our fellow Muslims up on a path for success in a field we are largely underrepresented in. 


 Native American Law Students Association (NALSA)

The Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) is a chapter of National NALSA which was founded to support law students interested in the study of Federal Indian Law and Tribal Law. NALSA is an alliance of native and nonnative students who aim to raise awareness about Indigenous issues in a legal context. NALSA strives to ensure that Vermont Law and Graduate School maintains an Indigenous perspective in all mediums by providing a platform for Indigenous people and by supporting Indigenous law students.


 Outdoors Club

The Outdoors Club is dedicated to providing outdoor recreation equipment to the VLGS community, promoting outdoor education and outreach, and diversifying the legal and ethical debate concerning outdoor recreation.


 Phi Alpha Delta 

Phi Alpha Delta is the world's preeminent law fraternity because of our dedication to service: service to the student, the school, the profession, and the community.
We better our profession and our community through devotion to the ideals of compassion, courage, diversity, innovation, integrity, professionalism, and service. Through accepting our differences, we become not just a law fraternity but a family.  


 Student Bar Association

The purpose of the SBA is to support and encourage academic excellence and professional growth among students; ensure the attainment and preservation of the rights of the individual student to acquire a quality legal education in a just and reasonable manner; and serve as the vehicle for interaction and communication between the students and the faculty, administration, alumni, and the community.


 Tabletop Society

The purpose of this organization is to provide a relaxed atmosphere for students who profess an interest in gaming. We desire to give recognition and opportunities for comradery, problem-solving, and pursuing passions without judgment.


 Ultimate Justice (frisbee)

It is the mission of Ultimate Justice to use the sport of Ultimate Frisbee as an opportunity for physical recreation and outdoor activity, and to facilitate positive social interactions between students and the surrounding community.


 Veteran Law Students Association

The goals of the Veteran Law Student Association will be in accord with the mission of the Student Bar Association at Vermont Law School. To that end, the Veteran Law Student Association will provide 1) a support network for servicemembers, veterans, dependents, families and community members; 2) a social experience that builds on the bonds forged during national service; and 3) a voice that advocates for the unique needs of the military community. 


 Women's Law Society (WLS)

Women’s Law Society strives to establish a support network for students in law school, promote equal and equitable participation of women in the legal profession, and advance equal application of the law to all women. WLS is a student organization aiming to provide a diverse and inclusive forum for all students to address all issues facing women today. WLS also seeks to create a community of students that support, empower and uplift one another to help women flourish both inside and outside of the legal profession.