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Vermont Law School will continue with mostly virtual classes during the spring semester, however limited on-campus classes and access to campus services will be offered. For information on campus access, health and safety protocols, and testing requirements please visit

Virtual Summer Session at Vermont Law School

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Vermont Law School's expansive summer program has transitioned its courses to offer flexible, online and virtual live courses for summer 2021. The program allows students to earn a summers-only degree, transfer credits to another institution, or take classes for continuing education. With over 45 summer classes in environmental law, restorative justice, energy regulation, food and agriculture law, and traditional JD courses such as torts, contracts, and evidence.


Application and Registration Instructions

Who is Eligible?

These are graduate level courses; normally, only those with undergraduate degrees will be considered for registration. However, undergraduate students may enroll with the director's permission. Law and graduate students currently enrolled at other institutions are eligible. Credits transfer at the discretion of the receiving school. Check with your institution if they will accept transfer credits from VLS. Class registration is subject to approval and capacity limits.

Non-Degree Students or Transfer Credit

APPLICATION: If you are interested in taking classes as a non-degree student or to transfer credits to your home institution Apply Here.
REGISTRATION: Once your application has been submitted and approved, you will be allowed to register beginning on May 1, 2021.

Degree Seeking Students

APPLICATION: If you are interested in a Master's or LLM degree program or if you wish to combine one with your JD degree, please Apply Here.
REGISTRATION: Once your application is reviewed, you will receive more information on the steps to enroll.


Financial Aid

Students wanting to borrow federal loan funding to cover their Summer educational expenses must have completed a 2020-2021 FAFSA and be enrolled in at least 3 credits counting towards their JD, Masters, and/or LLM Degree. Should they need it, cost of living funding is available and calculated for students based on the total number of days they are enrolled during the Summer semester. For those students taking VLS courses towards a degree at another institution, you will want to contact our financial aid office at We will be sure to coordinate with your institution’s financial aid office to help you access federal loans to help cover your expenses with us.


Tuition and Fees

Tuition must be paid prior to the first day of class. No payment plans are offered during Summer Session. Students should inform the Registrar immediately in writing of a decision to withdraw prior to the start of a class. Interest on unpaid balances will accrue at 12 percent per annum. Registration and transcript holds may also occur. All students (degree seeking and non-degree seeking) who are enrolled in the Summer Session program are charged a non-refundable $205.00 Summer Student Administrative Fee.

Tuition Rates per Credit (classes are 1, 2, or 3 credits)
$1,345.00 For-credit rate for VLS master's or LLM credits
$1,615.00 For-credit rate for VLS JD credits
$1,345.00 For-credit rate for transfer credits
$200.00 Audit* rate for VLS alumni/ae
$400.00 Audit* rate for all others

*In order to audit a class, the registration must be approved by the ELC and the class professor. Only synchronous "live virtual" classes are available to audit and some classes are not appropriate for auditing. 

Summer Session at Vermont Law School

Environmental Law Center Summer
Environmental Law Center Summer
Summer Session at the VLS Environmental Law Center assembles an exciting group of scholars, students, and distinguished visitors at the most glorious time of the year.
Center for Justice Reform Summer
Center for Justice Reform Summer
The VLS Center for Justice Reform Summer Session provides an RJ focus for students attending other law schools.
Summers-Only Master's Degrees
Summers-Only Master's Degrees
Programs designed for JD students from other law schools, available only during Summer Session.
Students sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture
In addition to the traditional J.D., VLS offers master’s, LLM, and joint degrees, plus dual degrees with other institutions.
Summer Application Information
Summer Application Information
Everything you need to know to apply for Summer Session at VLS.


Non Degree »

Summer Session application requirements for those not seeking a degree

Degree Seeking »

Summer Session application form for those seeking a degree

Classes (pdf) »

Look over the PDF from Summer 2020 as we prepare an update forSummer 2021