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Center for Legal Innovation

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Through technology and the direct application of legal skills, we are educating the next generation of lawyers.


Center for Legal Innovation

Vermont Law School has a tradition of being at the leading edge of legal education. It has seen once avant-garde initiatives, such as our general practice and semester-in-practice programs, legal clinics and international programs, become models for widespread adoption. The Center for Legal Innovation builds on this history, with a focus on the current challenges for effective and affordable education for the lawyers of the 21st century.

New challenges mean new approaches, many of which involve technology.

The Center for Legal Innovation is dedicated to helping create a future where innovation and entrepreneurial energy redefine legal education, the practice of law, and law itself. Through the collaborative efforts of faculty, students, practitioners and industry experts, our current projects include researching ways to standardize contracts, transform legal education through distance learning, and create transparency in financial transactions. We provide both a scholarly and practical environment for an exploration of what law is and a platform to influence what law will be.

GAME ON! Educational Games for Law Students

JeannETTe Eicks, CLI CO-Director

"Evidence Challenge" is an educational game published by Jeannette Eicks and LexisNexis in 2014. The program is an interactive web-based exam prep and assessment tool that helps law students prepare for exams by providing a simulated courtroom experience. Jeannette recently presented a TEDx style talk on educational games for students at the LegalED conference on Igniting Law Teaching.


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