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EPISODE 20: The Farmed Animal Advocacy Clinic

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Episode Summary

The Farmed Animal Advocacy Clinic addresses animal issues in the fight for environmental protection. Listen to Laura Fox chat with host Laura Ireland about the Clinic, which is part of the Animal Law and Policy Institute at Vermont Law and Graduate School, and the accomplishments of the year.


Laura Fox, director of Farmed Animal Advocacy Clinic and visiting professor

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Links to resources mentioned in this podcast -

Prof. Laura Fox (JD/MELP'13) Honored as a Distinguished Alumnus of George Mason University's College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Announcing the Inaugural "Year in Review" Report for the Farmed Animal Advocacy Clinic (FAAC)

FAAC Commences Lawsuit Against the FBI in Pursuit of Transparency and Animal Advocacy

VLGS Farmed Animal Advocacy Clinic Visits Storeybrook Farm Sanctuary

Farmed Animal Advocacy Clinic Urges the EPA to Regulate Cafos under the Clean Air Act

FAAC Calls Out DNREC for Excluding Delaware Environmental Justice Community from Proposed Poultry Biogas Facility Approval Process

FAAC Assists in Drafting a Groundbreaking Farmed Animal Protection Bill

Prof Fox. Publishes Article Connecting Farmed Animal Welfare and Social Justice Harms


Check out the Animal Law and Policy Institute’s blog:


And check out more on the Farmed Animal Advocacy Clinic’s blog: