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MAPP Learning Outcomes

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Master of Animal Protection Policy (MAPP) Learning Outcomes

Foundational and Substantive Policy and Knowledge – Graduates will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural animal protection policy and its role in society.

Foundational Policy and Advocacy Skills – Graduates will be able to independently and collaboratively engage in policy research, analysis, and problem solving and communicate effectively and persuasively orally and in writing.

Commitment to Equity and Service – Graduates will understand the importance of serving and analyze the impact of longstanding policies on historically marginalized and underserved individuals and communities. Graduates will evaluate diverse perspectives and navigate the ambiguity and complexity that comes with multiple perspectives; reassess their personal perspective when appropriate; listen while withholding judgement about the new or unfamiliar; and seek points of connection and interact substantively with those who are different from themselves.

Professionalism – Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of professionalism that involves working inclusively and co-creating an environment where each perspective is considered for the cooperative purpose of making progress toward common goals and interact respectfully and appropriately in a variety of cultural contexts.