The main VLS directory includes all faculty, staff, fellows, and administration along with featured students and alums.

Kevin Griffin
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Criminal Law and Procedure; Family Law; Civil Procedure

Joe Haase, Researcher for the Institute for Energy and the Environment
David Hall
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Business Law; Corporations; Nonprofit Corporations; Constitutional Law; State and Government Law

Peter Hall
Member, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees
United States Circuit Judge
Cheryl Hanna

Expertise: Constitutional Law; Criminal Law and Procedure; US Supreme Court; Juvenile Law

Technology Business Partner
Philip Harter
Earl F. Nelson Professor Emeritus of the University of Missori and Retired Public Policy Mediator
Retired Public Policy Mediator

Expertise: Administrative Law; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Environmental Litigation and Mediation

Associate Director
Director of Alumni Affairs
General Maintenance Carpenter
Breanna Hayes, Vermont Law School
2017 Human Rights Fellow
Adjunct Faculty
Bankruptcy Conduit Rules Review Task Force
Creative Designer
Member Emeritus, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees
Scott Hesser
Adjunct Faculty
Faculty Director of Online Learning
Barry Hill
Visiting Scholar

Expertise: Environmental Ethics; Environmental Law

Member, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees, Principal
Member, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees