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Vermont Law School will offer limited residential classes during the summer semester and expects to return to normal operations this fall. For information on campus access, health and safety protocols, and testing requirements please visit


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The main VLS directory includes all faculty and staff.


Associate Dean for Environmental Programs
Director, Environmental Law Center
Associate Professor of Law

Expertise: Administrative Law; Climate Change; Environmental Advocacy; Environmental Justice; Environmental Law; Environmental Litigation; Food and Agriculture; Food Law and Policy; Land Use Law; Municipal Law; Transportation

Christine Ryan
Environmental Law Librarian
Associate Professor of Law

Expertise: Legal Research Instruction; Environmental Law Resources

Richard Sala
Director, Academic Success Program
Assistant Professor of Law

Expertise: Academic Support; Bar Preparation

Professor Robert Sand
Founding Director, Center for Justice Reform
Professor of Law

Expertise: Criminal Law and Procedure; Restorative Justice

CLIC Coordinator
A headshot of Christine Saul
Executive Assistant
Admissions Counselor
Web Content and Communications Manager
Jennifer Sekula
Reference & Academic Outreach Librarian

Expertise: Libraries and Library Administration

Associate Director, Career Services
Whitney Shields headshot
Project Manager
Linda Smiddy
Professor of Law Emerita

Expertise: Corporations; Social Enterprise Law

Molly Smith
Program Coordinator
Staff Representative, Vermont Law School Board of Trustees
Access Services Assistant
Emily Spiegel, Vermont Law School
Assistant Professor of Law
Professor Pam Stephens
Professor of Law Emerita

Expertise: International Law; International Criminal Law; International Human Rights; Civil Procedure

Staff Attorney, Environmental Justice Clinic
Staff Attorney, Environmental Advocacy Clinic
Assistant Professor of Law

Expertise: Environmental Enforcement and Regulation; Environmental Litigation and Mediation; Environmental Justice

Serials and Access Services Supervisor
Peter Teachout
Professor of Law

Expertise: Constitutional Law