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Ken Kreiling

In Memoriam - Kenneth R. Kreiling

Professor of Law Emeritus

LLM, Harvard University, 1976

JD, University of Wisconsin, 1966

MA, University of Wisconsin, 1967

AB, Marquette University, 1963


In Memoriam - Kenneth R. Kreiling


Professor Kenneth Kreiling specialized in the area of scientific and expert evidence. The courses he taught at Vermont Law School include Civil Procedure, Evidence, and Law and Science.

He earned his AB degree in philosophy, literature, and mathematics at Marquette University in 1963; his JD degree in 1966 and MA degree in sociology of law in 1967, both from the University of Wisconsin; and his LLM degree from Harvard University in 1976. Between 1965 and 1967, he served as a research associate at the University of Wisconsin Institute for Research on Law and Poverty and also as a Russell Sage Fellow. From 1967 to 1974, he practiced law with the New Haven Legal Assistance Association in Connecticut, first as a Reginald Heber Smith Fellow and then as senior attorney. He was appointed as a teaching fellow at Harvard Law School from 1974 to 1976, leaving to join the VLS faculty. From 1983 to 1984, he served as a visiting senior fellow at National University of Singapore Law School. Professor Kreiling served as a member of and reporter for the Vermont Federal District Court Advisory Committee on Reduction of Delay and Expense and also served on the successor advisory committee in the same capacities. He was a member of the Vermont Bar Association's Continuing Legal Education Committee, a trustee of the Vermont Municipal Law Center, and a member of and legal counsel to several governmental and nonprofit boards in the land use planning and cultural affairs areas. He was the reporter for the Vermont Supreme Court's Advisory committees on the Rules of Evidence.



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Presentation to National Academy of Science with regard to Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence III, 2009.​
"Lessons from DNA and Other Biological Forensic Evidence," Law and Biology seminar for federal judges, Dartmouth College, 1996.​
​"DNA Profile Evidence: Problems with Estimations of Probability of a Random Match," International Conference on Reform of Evidence Law, Vancouver, Canada, 1992.​
​Presentations to Boards of Legal Education in Singapore and Malaysia on Supervision of young lawyers, 1983 - 1984.​
Various Vermont and federal judicial education seminars.​
​Presentations for continuing legal education seminars on employment discrimination and various evidence topics, especially scientific and expert evidence.​

Awards & Accomplishments

Service Work

​Counsel to, member and chair, Bethel Planning Commission, 1986-90.​
​Reporter, Vermont Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Public Access to Court Records, 2000-2009.​
Member, Vermont Municipal Law Center board, 1989-95.​
​Member, United States District Court for Vermont Advisory Committee, 1998-present.​​
​Member, Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Planning Commission, 1987-90.​​
​Member and reporter, Vermont Federal District Court advisory committee, 1990-present.​
​Reporter, Vermont Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Rules Evidence, 1997-present.​

​Member, Vermont Advisory Committee on Rules of Evidence, 1986-97, Reporter 1997-present.

​Counsel to and board member, Chandler Cultural Foundation, 1987-90.​
​Member, continuing legal education committee, Vermont Bar Association, 1993-95.​
​Reporter, Civil Justice Reform Act Advisory Committee Report, District of Vermont Court Plan, 1993-98; annual reports, 1994-97.​

Other Accomplishments or Activities

​Professor at Vermont Law School since 1976.