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Eduardo Otero Bakai

Global Energy Justice LLM Fellow
Institute for Energy and the Environment
Environmental Law Center

JD, Havana Law School

Eduardo Otero Bakai


Hailing from Havana, Cuba, Eduardo is new to Vermont and VLGS. He holds a JD from Havana Law School. Prior to his arrival at VLGS, he was the Investment and Trade Officer at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, where he worked on renewable energy projects in the Caribbean. Eduardo’s fellowship is jointly sponsored by the IEE and the US-Asia Partnership. This partnership presents ample opportunities for fascinating cooperative research. Eduardo will begin by working with a team of IEE and PEL students and IEE Program Coordinator, Will Fridlund, on a comparative analysis of the just transition in the Caribbean region.  In his free time, Eduardo likes to dance and spend time with friends and his wife, Merci.