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Vermont Law School has resumed on-campus classes for the fall. Masks are currently required for all community members. For information on campus access, health and safety protocols, and testing requirements please visit

Faculty Directory

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Faculty Directory

Associate Director
Betsy Erwin, SPHR/ SHRM-SCP
Director, Human Resources
Pronouns: She/Her
William Eubanks
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Food Law and Policy; Environmental Law

Kathleen Falk
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Environmental Advocacy

Paul Ferber
Professor of Law Emeritus
Adjunct Faculty
David Firestone
Professor of Law

Expertise: Business Law; Contracts; Environmental Law; Land Use Planning and Regulation; Taxation and Tax Policy; International Environmental Law

Victor Flatt
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Environmental Law; Climate Change; Energy Law and Regulation

Andrea “Danny” Folds, JD'18
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Ocean and Coastal Resources; Immigration Law; Restorative Justice

Sue Folger - IEE, Vermont Law School
Executive Assistant to the President and Dean
Kevin Foy
Adjunct Faculty

Expertise: Environmental Law

Assistant Professor of Law

Expertise: Legal Writing

Assistant Registrar
Adjunct Faculty
Instructional Designer
Clara Gimenez
Associate Professor of Law

Expertise: Ethics and Professionalism; Disability Law; Evidence

Elijah Gleason, Vermont Law School
Assistant Director of Career Services
Kevin Goodan
Adjunct Professor of Law

Expertise: Legal Writing