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Interlibrary Loan

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Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Policy & Instructions for Vermont Law School Library Users

Materials not available at the Library may be requested from other libraries and publisher vendors through interlibrary loan (ILL).

The Library follows federal copyright law Title 17 of United States Code.

Who is Eligible to Borrow

The Access Services Department will accept interlibrary loan (ILL) borrowing requests from current Vermont Law School (VLS) students, faculty, and staff.

Students enrolled in VLS online classes can submit requests for scanned book chapters and articles via ILLiad. If you need a physical item, such as a book, contact your local public library or other institution in the VLS lending network to request an ILL through them.

VLS alumni and members of the public should submit their borrowing requests through their local public library or other institution.

Create an Interlibrary Loan request vial ILLiad, the online ILL system

Registered user sign in using your ILLiad account: ILLiad Login

Never registered an ILLiad account before? Complete a one-time registration. Go to ILL Login Page and select New User Registration.

After logging into ILLiad, submit a separate request for each source.

Plan ahead. Journal articles generally take 3-4 days to receive, and books may take a week or longer. You will be notified by e-mail when your material is available.

Generally, articles and book chapters will be sent electronically as a PDF to your ILLiad account. These are available for 30 days. These documents are for you, the borrower, to keep, and the borrower is responsible for “fair use” (private study, scholarship, and research) of the reproduced material. Be sure to download and save your documents before the 30-day window has ended.

Print documents and physical books are retrieved at Library’s Information Desk. It is the borrower’s responsibility to collect the material and return it to the Information Desk before the due date.


There is no limit on number of requests, please use sound judgment when requesting a large amount, as every request incurs a cost to the library.

The library is unable to borrow textbooks, casebooks, and other assigned reading materials for classes. Students are expected to rent or purchase their own textbooks.

The library does not charge for borrowing books or articles. However, we do reserve the right to review the cost of purchased articles, chapters, or lending fees from other institutions, and to suggest alternative sources.

Other Important Information:

For physical books, submit renewal requests via ILLiad. Not all lenders offer renewals, and occasionally borrowing restrictions are specified. Borrowers are expected to honor these conditions and to make a renewal request before the loan return date. Please help us maintain excellent relationships with our lending libraries by returning all loans on time.

Not all materials are available to borrow. Some rare or out-of-print materials, or unpublished items such as white papers and dissertations may be difficult to acquire.

Borrowers are responsible for lost, damaged, or unreturned materials and will be billed accordingly.