South Royalton Legal Clinic PT



2019 Spring

About This Class

Students work on a variety of civil cases, representing persons unable to afford private counsel.  Cases are in such areas as Social Security; income maintenance; unemployment compensation; domestic relations; bankruptcy; landlord-tenant relations; consumer protection; juvenile law; representation of children; immigration; and assistance to prisoners.  Student practice rules in state/federal courts allow students to file pleadings, conduct discovery, and make court appearances with the consent of the court and under attorney sponsorship.  Students interview and counsel clients, prepare and investigate cases, draft pleadings and memoranda, participate in negotiations, and conduct evidentiary and appellate hearings, all under the supervision of one of the Clinic’s attorneys.  Participation in the Clinic can be counted toward completion of Vermont’s three-month clerkship requirement. It is recommended that students take Evidence and/or Trial Practice prior to enrolling in the Clinic, but neither is required.

Registration:  You may register on-line for the SRLC as you do for any other VLS course.  
Assessment of students’ performance in the classroom portion and representation of clients will be made by the Clinic faculty on a pass/fail basis (“pass with honors” and “low pass” are other possible designations).  

NOTE: Part-time and full-time students who enroll in the Clinic may not enroll in courses that conflict with the Clinic’s introductory session; they should also realize that occasional conflicts may arise between court hearings (and similar commitments) and daytime classes, in which case client obligations prevail. 

Class Code