Communication, Advocacy and Leadership



2016 Fall

About This Class

In this course, we will consider and practice the various tools commonly accessed in effective advocacy. As advocates, we try to generate support for particular ideas or policies either to raise awareness or effectuate action.  To accomplish this, the successful advocate considers how to define an audience and reach it by developing a persuasive message which is then delivered through an appropriate channel.  Over the course of the following semester, you will practice writing persuasively using a number of different channels. After completion of the upcoming courses, you will have: (1) drafted legislation and created a legislative lobbying sheet pertaining thereto; (2) written a federal Freedom of Information Act (“F.O.I.A.”) request; (3) submitted written comments to a federal agency on an issue open for comment; (4) created a non-profit, identified a funder, and drafted a grant letter of inquiry to receive funding; and (5) worked with a colleague to develop a small scale public communications campaign on an issue of your choosing.

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Environmental Law