Mediation Advocacy



2014 Summer - Term 3

About This Class

This intensive seminar will meet for three consecutive days over one weekend. The seminar will specifically be focused on Mediation Advocacy, not Mediation.Students will be introduced (through lecture, the text, and class discussions) to the theory, principles and concepts of how to be an effective advocate in both the formal and informal mediation setting. More importantly, students will be given multiple opportunities to practice mediation advocacy skills through a variety of simulations and group exercises. Students will receive feedback from three sources: self, peers and the professor. Topics to be covered include: the Process, the Players, the Set-Up, the Prep, the Pitch, the Search, the Money, the Other Stuff, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the Impasse, the Walk-Away, the Nibble, the Deal, and the Close. The implications of law and policy for mediation advocates will also be discussed. Designed to teach students how to be effective advocates in the mediation setting. Students will learn to counsel clients for mediation, how to prepare a mediation plan, select a mediator, as well as effective participation in mediation. A JD skills class.

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