Dispute Resolution Writing Seminar



2014 Spring

About This Class

The Seminar offers students the opportunity to engage in intensive research and analysis with respect to a particular dispute resolution topic of interest to them, and to produce from that research and analysis a substantial paper of publishable quality. Students will have the opportunity to synthesize much of the knowledge they have gained in law school and to reflect on important and interesting issues. This seminar is designed to provide students with an opportunity write a significant article (approx. 6,000 words) on a narrowly focused issue involving dispute resolution. The purpose of this seminar is to give students who are interested in a variety of areas of dispute resolution an opportunity to explore an emerging issue through research and writing. The goal will be to produce a publishable quality article over the course of the semester. The seminar is also designed to be a capstone course for students interested in earning a certificate dispute resolution.
Permission of the instructor required.
This seminar provides an opportunity to explore emerging issues in dispute resolution through research and writing. The goal is to produce a publishable quality article.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution