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2014 Fall

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The Life Cycle of a 501(c)(3) Public Charity:Management and Legal Issues Students will create, fund, run, and dissolve a virtual §501(c)(3) public charity over the course of the semester, as we learn the opportunities and challenges that nonprofits can face. Section 501(c)(3)s can include soup kitchens, museums, private schools, legal aid centers, private hospitals, environmental organizations, and countless other types of educational, religious, scientific, and charitable organizations. We will discuss the theory behind nonprofit law and tax exemption, starting and dissolving nonprofit corporations at the state level, obtaining tax exempt status from the IRS, the charitable contribution deduction, fiduciary duties of the board of directors, legal rules surrounding lobbying and political activity of nonprofits, charitable solicitation laws, unrelated business income tax, private inurement, and excess benefit taxes. This is a hybrid distance learning course that links VLS students with Public Policy, Business and Interdisciplinary Studies students from George Mason University. I meet 3 times in person with you. The rest of the sessions will either be via videoconference from Oakes 208 or on your computer. Tuesdays, 3:35-6:05.

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