Find Farm & Food Legal Resourceshttp://www.farmandfoodlaw.org/Find Farm & Food Legal ResourcesFarm and Food Legal Resources is a collection of online, existing legal resources compiled and organized by the Center for Agriculture & Food Systems (CAFS). CAFS developed this resource for individuals and organizations involved in sustainable food and agriculture. Consequently, the materials reflect an emphasis on sustainability, local and regional food systems as well as the innovations in food and agriculture occurring at the state and regional level.
Explore State Farm-to-School Legislationhttp://www.farmtoschool.org/resources-main/statelegisativesurveyExplore State Farm-to-School LegislationThe Center for Agriculture and Food Systems (CAFS) and National Farm to School Network (NFSN) produced this State Farm to School Legislative Survey summarizing all state farm-to-school related bills proposed between 2002 and November 2013, whether enacted, defeated, or still pending. Farm to school is the practice of sourcing local food for schools or preschools and providing agriculture, health and nutrition educational opportunities through school curricula, school gardens, farm field trips and cooking lessons. Farm to school programs improve children’s health and provide support to local and regional agricultural economies.
Understand Food Labelshttp://www.foodlabelfacts.org/Understand Food LabelsThe purpose of this website is to provide consumers with information to help them navigate food labels and make informed food choices about the products they buy. Unfortunately, food labels and what they mean are not straightforward. This site explains the most common statements on food labels, including what information must be disclosed, what information is voluntary, and what is not included on food labels.
Climate Change and Food Security Infographichttp://environmentallaw.vermontlaw.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/VLS-MELP-Food-Systems-6-10-14.jpgClimate Change and Food Security InfographicBuilding a sustainable food system with fair labor practices and minimal waste is an ongoing effort that faces many challenges, but the benefits of better agricultural practices can improve lives around the globe. This infographic highlights the issues and needed improvements.