​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Book Lists​​​

Booklist Fall 2014

Reading Assignments

Below you will find a class-by-class list of reading assignments for Fall 2014.

Animal Law and Ethics - Reed Loder

Administrative Law - Hillary Hoffmann

Advanced Environmental Legal Research - Christine Ryan

Advanced Legal Research - Jane Woldow

Appellate Advocacy​ - Brian Porto

Appellate Advocacy C & D​ - Anthony Renzo

Civil Procedure A & B - Jackie Gardina​

​Climate Change: The Power of Taxes - Janet Milne

Climate Change and the Law - Pat Parenteau

Constitutional Law A & B​ - Peter Teachout

Contracts - David Firestone

Contracts B​ - Jennifer Taub

Corporations - Oliver Goodenough

​​​​Criminal Law - Phil Meyer​

Criminal Practice and Procedure​ - Anna Saxman

Criminal Practice and Procedure - Elizabeth ​Kruska

eLaw: eDiscovery Data - Jeanne Eicks

Energy Policy in a Carbon Constrained World​ - Michael Dworkin

Environmental Dispute Resolution​​ - Sean Nolon

Environmental Law - David Firestone

Estates - Stephen Dycus

Evidence - Jessica West​

Extinction and Climate Change​ - Pat Parenteau

Family​ Law - Susan Apel​

GPP Domestic Relations - Maryann Zavez

GPP International Intellectual Property - Billie Munroe Audia

GPP Representing Entrepreneurial Business - Joseph Mullaney

​​International Law - Pam Stephens

Land Use Regulation​​ - Janet Milne

Law and Popular Culture - Phil M​​​eyer
Law and Pop Culture Syllabus

Legal Analysis and Writing I - Greg Johnson

Legal Profes​sion A and​ B​ - Liz Ryan Cole

Legal Profession​ - Reed Loder​

Legal Research - Cynthia Lewis

Legal Research - Christine Ryan​

Legal Research - Jane Woldow

National Security Law - Stephen Dycus

Natural Resource Management​ - Jack Tuholske

New Frontiers - Melissa Scanlan

​​Non-Profit Organizations​​ - Betsy Schmidt
NY Not For Profit Corporations Act 2014 Ch. 2
VLS Consortia Course Enrollment Form​​

Public Law​​ - John Echeverria

Race and the Law - Shirley Jefferson​

Secured Transactions - Joan Vogel

Torts - Joan Vogel​

Torts B - Mark Latham​

Trial Practice​ - Matthew Levine​​

Water Resources Law - John Echeverria

Watershed Management​ - Jack Tuholske

White Collar Crime - Jennifer Taub

Other Resources

Plagiarism Educat​ion

​​The US Legal System