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Booklist Spring 2015​​

Reading Assignments

Spring 2015

​​Administrative Law - Jessica West

Advanced Energy Writing Seminar - Michael Dworkin

Alternative Dispute Resolution - Joan Vogel

Capital Punishment - Phil Meyer

Comparative Law: Legal Traditions​ - Betsy Baker

Criminal Law - Phil Meyer

Criminal Law - Robert Sand

Criminal Practice and Procedure - Anna Saxman

Dispute Resolution Clinic I - Robin Barone

Employment Law - Joan Vogel

Environmental Issues in Business Transactions - Mark Latham​

Evidence - Clara Gimenez

First Amendment Law - Peter Teachout

GPP II: Commercial Transactions - Gary Brooks

GPP II: Employment Law - Caroline Earle

Income Taxation - David Firestone

International Human Rights - Pam Stephens

International Environmental Law and Policy - Betsy Baker

Introduction to eLawyering - Jeanne Eicks

Law of the European Union - Peter Teachout and Marco Dani

Legal Profession - Liz Ryan Cole

Legal Writing II E​: Constitutional Law - Greg Johnson

Legal Writing II: Theory and Practice - Tony Renzo

Municipal Law - Paul Gillies​

Native Americans - Hillary Hoffmann

Natural Resources Law - Hillary Hoffmann

Personal Injury Law - Martha Smyrski

Property Law - Reed Loder

Public Law - Cynthia Lewis

Public Law - Jessica West

Sales - David Firestone

Sexual Orientation and the Law - Greg Johnson

Trial Practice A​ - Kevin Griffin

Water Quality - Pat Parenteau

Other Resources

Plagiarism Educat​ion

​​The US Legal System