​​​The Women's Law Group (WLG) of Vermont Law School was organized in 1981 by students and faculty interested in the evolving status of women and the law. WLG strives to establish a support network for women in law school, foster professional success for its members, promote equal participation of wo​men in the legal profession, advance equal application of the law to all women, and support an awareness of issues concerning women and the law. Throughout the year, WLG sponsors various activities such as panels, guest speakers, and community awareness projects relating to women's issues. WLG also hosts an annual auction whose proceeds benefit Safeline, the Magic Mountain Children's Center, and the Judge K. Reiss Scholarship.

2015-2016 Officers:

Ana Cimino, Co-Chair
Rachael Delehanty, Co-Chair
Catlin Davis, Treasurer
Johanna Peterson, Secretary