A World of Hurthttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/careers/career-profiles/a-world-of-hurtA World of HurtCharles "Chuck" De Leva JD'78 on why the world needs more lawyers, especially for the environment.
Alex Manninghttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/careers/career-profiles/alex-manningAlex Manning“To me, big things start in little bitty towns. South Royalton is my Selma, Alabama.”
Gretchen Oldham '09http://www.vermontlaw.edu/careers/career-profiles/gretchen-oldhamGretchen Oldham '09A glance at Gretchen Oldham’s recent caseload hints at the transnational scope of her work — and a multi-cultural understanding of law...
EPA Crewhttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/careers/career-profiles/epa-crewEPA CrewThe extraordinary relationship between Vermont Law School and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) goes back to the very beginning...
Scott Cullenhttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/careers/career-profiles/scott-cullenScott Cullen“A legal education can prepare you to do all sorts of things, not just work in a courtroom or with stacks of paper.”
Jehmal Hudsonhttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/careers/career-profiles/jehmal-hudsonJehmal Hudson"No brief case, no laptop. Just my mouth. My job is all about relationships."
Turning the Tidehttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/careers/career-profiles/turning-the-tideTurning the TideMeghan Jeans JD’02/MSEL’03, director of the Boston-based aquarium’s Conservation Programs, is busy making a connection.

​Vermont Law School graduates develop meaningful and influential careers throughout the United States and abroad, with governments, NGOs, and leading law firms. Read how the knowledge, experience, and connections they developed at VLS helped them create the careers they chose.