​​​​​​​Vermont Law School graduates develop meaningful and influential careers throughout the United States and abroad, with governments, NGOs, and leading law firms. Read how the knowledge, experience, and connections they developed at VLS helped them create the careers they chose. 

Allison Yum JD'13​

​Billy Peard JD'​13​

Cameron Field JD/MELP'13

Cassie Burdyshaw JD'12​

Elizabeth Spellman JD'13

Hannah Goldsmith JD/MELP '13 ​

Ian Sinderhoff JD'11 

Jessica Reiss JD/MELP '11​​

Keenan Hawkins​ JD'13

Maureen Holland JD'89​

Paige Tomaselli JD'04​​

​Zephyr Jost JD'13​​​

Michelle Sinnott JD'13​

Leslie Welts JD’11​

Jillian Bernstein JD/MELP’13​​​