In addition to the various seminars, semester, and dual-degree programs available through Vermont Law School, JD students also have the option to study abroad during the summer through programs offered by ABA-accredited law schools. Vermont Law School will accept the transfer of credits earned at a summer program offered by an ABA-accredited law school, so long as the course does not duplicate coursework completed at Vermont Law School. To transfer credits, the student should arrange for an official transcript from the program to be sent to the Registrar’s Office. Students may also request that the credits apply toward the Certificate in International and Comparative Law (up to the allowable maximum). Such requests should be made to the Director of International and Comparative Law Programs. A summer study abroad program at an ABA-accredited law school does not satisfy the six semesters “residence” requirement for the JD degree, and grades from the program will not be used in calculating a student’s cumulative GPA.

Dozens of summer study abroad programs are offered each year by ABA-accredited law schools. A list of these programs is available online at Students should contact the host institutions for information on application deadlines, tuition and fees, schedules, credits, and requirements of these programs. If required for the application, the student may request an official transcript and letter of good standing from the Registrar’s Office.