Center for Agriculture and Food Systemshttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/center-for-agriculture-and-food-systemsCenter for Agriculture and Food SystemsDevelop the next generation of sustainable food and agriculture law and policy leaders while providing legal and policy resources and solutions for citizens to build and support such systems.
Center for Applied Human Rights | Vermont Lawhttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/center-for-applied-human-rightsCenter for Applied Human Rights | Vermont LawOpportunities for research and advocacy training on cutting-edge issues in human rights law and policy and a focal point for human rights-related events at the law school.
Center for Legal Innovation | Vermont Lawhttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/center-for-legal-innovationCenter for Legal Innovation | Vermont Law
Dispute Resolution Program | Vermont Lawhttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/dispute-resolution-programDispute Resolution Program | Vermont LawLets students explore the theoretical and practical aspects of more efficient and cooperative processes for dispute resolution through a variety of clinics, courses, conferences, workshops, and research offerings.
Environmental Law Center | Vermont Law Schoolhttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/ELCEnvironmental Law Center | Vermont Law SchoolWith the largest graduate environmental law program in the country, the ELC has always been ranked within the top two by U.S. News & World Report.
Experiential Advocacy Program | Vermont Lawhttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/experiential-advocacy-programExperiential Advocacy Program | Vermont LawA two-year, four-semester program that allows second- and third-year JD students to experience what a practicing lawyer does on a daily basis.
Institute for Energy and the Environment | Vermont Lawhttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/institute-for-energy-and-the-environmentInstitute for Energy and the Environment | Vermont Law​​Energy and the environment go ​hand in hand. An enormous proportion of the earth’s environmental issues arise out of the use of energy.
International and Comparative Law Program | Vermont Lawhttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/international-and-comparative-law-programInternational and Comparative Law Program | Vermont Law
Legal Writing Program | Vermont Law Schoolhttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/legal-writing-programLegal Writing Program | Vermont Law School
Sports Law Institute | Vermont Lawhttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/sports-law-instituteSports Law Institute | Vermont LawSports Law Institute
U.S.-Asia Partnership for Environmental Lawhttp://www.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/us-asiaU.S.-Asia Partnership for Environmental LawThe U.S.-Asia Partnerships for Environmental Law works collaboratively with government institutions, non-government organizations, lawyers, judges, lawmakers and others to promote good environmental governance in Asia.