Institute for Energy and the Environment

Energy and the environment go hand in hand. An enormous proportion of the earth’s environmental issues arise out of the use of energy. If you care about the environment, energy policy is the single most important influence; and if you care about energy, environmental externalities are the most important constraint. The discussion covers a wide spectrum of disciplines—including law, science, engineering, finance, public policy and economics. We hope that masters and law graduates of the institute’s energy program will continue their rigorous research, analysis and advocacy well after their time with us in South Royalton, making an impact felt throughout the century.

Vermont Law School leads the nation in preparing students for the clean energy transition. Our energy law program has the largest selection of clean energy law and policy courses available, leading clean energy experiential opportunities, and seamless integration with a world class environmental law and policy program, including unparalleled climate law course offerings. Our Institute for Energy and the Environment (IEE) is a national and world energy policy resource focused on the energy policy of the future. The institute serves as a center for graduate research on the transition to a clean energy future and maintains a vibrant student-staffed energy clinic, which works on legal and business models for community energy development.  Our unique year-round Energy Clinic works on the cutting edge of renewable energy development; one early result of our work VLS is powered by over 50% local solar energy. Explore our latest newsletter and learn more about what we are working on today.  Learn how visiting students can participate in our Summer 2019 Energy Clinic here.

As you explore our portion of the Vermont Law School website, please bear in mind how energy policy is increasingly driven by the imperative of preserving our environment, and how dramatic increases in society’s demand for energy have had environmental effects. Please reflect on the role of law and policy in balancing the competing interests of energy use and environmental quality. Could the institute help you, your organization, or your enterprise? Think about the skills and knowledge that the graduates of the IEE team can bring to you as an employer. Most of all, keep in mind that as energy consumers, the actions we take today will create tomorrow’s reality.

 At the IEE we focus on the energy policy of the future. Please join us! 


IEE Team Meeting

The IEE Research and Energy Clinic teams continue their work on the important issues of clean transportation, climate justice, community solar ownership and cybersecurity policy.  Our new Farm and Energy Initiative addresses the interrelated issues of agriculture and energy sustainability. Learn more about what we do and how you can come join us and shape the energy policy of the future.

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