​​​​​​​Vermont Law students are intellectually curious and highly motivated. They bring diverse perspectives, interests, and talents to campus, creating a vibrant learning community. 

They come from almost every state an​d several countries. Their academic backgrounds are likewise diverse, ranging from English to environm​​​ental science. Some students are fresh from undergrad, while others have left careers to explore new opportunities.

However Vermont Law School students may differ, they are​ united by their ambition to make a difference in their chosen fields.

2013 Enrollment Statistics

Total enrollment for Fall 2013 686 students (unduplicated headcount)
Total JD Enrollment 422 students
Masters and LLM Enrollment 264 students
Online-Only Enrollment 155 students (non-JD students)
JD Attrition, First Year to Second Year 9% (Fall 2012-Fall 2013; 14 students transferred out)

Entering JD Class of 2014 Profile 

Number of Applicants 686
Number of Offers 510
Total Class Size 143
JD Accelerated 25
JD/Masters 38
JD Extended 1
75% 3.52 156
50% 3.19 152
25% 2.90 146
Financial Aid
Merit Scholarships Awarded 88%
Average Scholarship Award $22,000
Gender 57% Female / 43% Male
Students of Color 24%
Average Age 27
States and Territories Represented 36
Educational Background
Undergraduate Institutions 116
Undergraduate Majors 44
Top Majors Political Science, Environmental Science, Criminal Justice, Biology, History​​
Students with Graduate Degrees 17%

* Data is certified by the Law School Admissions Council.