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Find out how to develop and implement a SNAP program at your farmers market.

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Learn why business structures matter and explore options.

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Identify common legal risks markets face and best practices for managing them.

The Farmers Market Legal Toolkit aims to build resilient and accessible farmers markets.

Farmers markets play an important role in building resilient local food systems and vibrant communities. The Farmers Market Legal Toolkit supports farmers markets throughout the U.S. through open-source legal tools that keep market managers informed as they make decisions to build and grow their markets.  

The toolkit’s topics were selected in response to recurring questions from farmers market managers: about how business structure would affect their organizations, what types of legal risks exist and how to manage them, and how to make their products available and accessible for all community members. The resulting website includes legal resources, best practice recommendations, and case studies for market leaders on selecting and enhancing business structures, accepting SNAP benefits, and managing common risks. 

This project is funded by the National Agricultural Library, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.




Farmers Market Coalition

Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont 

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