​​​​​Many law schools, including Vermont Law, include a contracts course as part of the first-year legal curriculum. Nationwide, 1L law students read contracts cases and learn the fundamentals of offer, acceptance, and consideration. But very few law students ever actually see a contract before they graduate.

That's why, 25 years ago, we founded the General Practice Program, which has evolved into the Experiential Advocacy Program (XAD). We believe that Vermont Law School students should not only see a contract, but write one, analyze it, and arbitrate it. 

Students who participate in the Experiential Advocacy Program learn through simulation to handle a divorce proceeding, counsel a plaintiff in a personal injury suit​, or negotiate a land transaction related to environmental liabilities. In other words, students learn to how to practice law in a collaborative environment, just like at a law firm. And it turns out that these are the foundational skills that employers love: they can be scaled up, to the general counsel's office at a big corporation, or down, for the solo practitioner who hangs a shingle in his hometown. Either way, the results are the same: Vermont Law School lawyers know better than most how to use the power of the law in a real-world setting.​



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