Many law schools, including Vermont Law, include a contracts course as part of the first-year legal curriculum. Nationwide, 1L law students read contracts cases and learn the fundamentals of offer, acceptance, and consideration. But very few law students ever actually see a contract before they graduate.

That's why we founded the General Practice Program nearly 30 years ago. We believe that Vermont Law School students should not only see a contract, but write one, analyze it, and arbitrate it. 

Students who specialize in general practice will learn through simulation to handle a divorce proceeding, counsel a plaintiff in a personal injury suit, or negotiate a land transaction related to environmental liabilities—in other words, students learn to how to practice law in a collaborative environment, just like at a law firm. And it turns out that these are the foundational skills that employers love: they can be scaled up, to the general counsel's office at a big corporation, or down, for the solo practitioner who hangs a shingle in his hometown. Either way, the results are the same: Vermont Law School lawyers know better than most how to use the power of the law in a real world setting.​



Accelerated Juris Doctor (AJD) Juris Doctor (AJD)Vermont Law School’s Accelerated Juris Doctor program will save you a year’s tuition and living expenses. And you’ll enter (or re-enter) the workforce sooner.
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Dispute Resolution Clinic - Vermont Law School Resolution Clinic - Vermont Law SchoolOffers students the opportunity to practice non-litigation dispute resolution skills and strategies in the real-world setting of the New Hampshire and Vermont courts.
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Juris Doctor Doctor​Earning a Juris Doctor from Vermont Law School indicates dedication and commitment, not just to the legal profession, but to making an impact through the law.