​​​​​​​​​The practice of law is rarely contained by national boundaries. Consider, for instance, labor rights protection for garment workers and agricultural workers. Or international arbitration of disputes over environmental degradation. Or global justice advocacy in human rights and international criminal law.

In a world where social systems, politics, economic development, human rights, and environmental protection present global challenges, international legal practice requires expertise in international law and in legal systems outside the U.S.—as well as cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity.

Our International and Comparative Law Program prepares students for exciting career​s with international organizations, NGOs, law firms, multinational enterprises, and government agencies. We offer more than 30 courses and a wide choice of study experiences that broaden knowledge and skills, add new perspective, and open opportunities.

Earning a Certificate in International and Comparative Law demonstrates in-depth study and skills training in this field. Students also engage in research and real world projects with organizations like the World Health Organization, Geneva; International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, The Hague; the U.S. Department of State; and the United Nations Environment Program, Nairobi. They’ve negotiated transnational contracts during an externship at a law firm in Turkey, worked with LGBT activists in Latin America on a report submitted to the U.N., and worked on post-conflict recovery and development with an NGO based in Sierra Leone.  

Students specifically interested in human rights law and policy can engage in experiential learning opportunities through the Center for Applied Human Rights​.  Students gain exposure to real-world issues of human rights theory and practice, interact with grassroots rights advocates and international organizations, contribute to solutions, and build their professional network through hands-on learning experiences with NGOs and inter-governmental organizations.

Our partnerships with leading universities​​​ in Canada, China, England, France, Italy and Spain allow students to study abroad for a semester or earn a specialized dual degree. On-campus courses include a study trip abroad in such subjects as European Union Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, and The Law and Legal System of Cuba.

Students who have already earned a law degree outside the U.S. increase their global perspective through an ​​​​​​LLM in American Legal Studies. Designed to enhance their career options, students develop a solid foundation in U.S. law and legal systems.

The student-run International Law Society extends international issue and career information to the entire Vermont Law School community through speaker panels, discussion workshops, conferences and guest speakers, and professional skills mentoring.



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​Two Vermont Law School alumni, Ashley Santner JD/M1 '10 and Gretchen Oldham '09, browse inside a bookshop in Paris, France.