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Call of the Wild, Veronica Warnock MSEL'99

Conservation Director
Hell's Canyon Preservation Council

The Work // Protects, restores, and connects native habitats in the Hells Canyon region of the northwestern United States, at the intersection of three significant eco-regions—the Northern Rockies, the Northern Basin, and the Cascade range.

Recent Accomplishment // Recently got an injunction from the Ninth Circuit to stop logging on a 29,000-acre project area in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest while the U.S. Forest Service reworks its environmental assessment.

Outdoor Passion // Hiking, running rivers, sleeping under the stars.


In Her Own Words // “Spending time outside is full of discovery. We get to know our inner strength, what we are capable of. Also, in the solitude of wild places we become aware of the insignificance of man in relation to the universe. It’s good to stay humble.”

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