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SunShot LBNL Auto-Population of Solar PV Data created a roadmap for getting solar PV data into Multiple Listing Services (MLS). The team contributed to the Capturing the Sun report.

The NEEP-HELIX (Home Energy Labeling Information Exchange) project is creating a single database of home energy efficiency scores, labels, and ratings that can be auto-populated into Multiple Listing Services. The VLS team is assisting the project to address privacy and contractual provision issues, develop a governance model, and create strategies for promoting the database.

Powering Energy Efficiency Impacts Framework is using technology to improve the delivery of federally funded low-income energy services in a five-county region in North Carolina. The project is developing and deploying a unique geospatial database comprised of low-income energy program data and utility consumption data of federally-funded low-income energy programs. By pairing program data with utility consumption data, the database improves coordination between state agencies, and facilitates analysis of programs and projects. The Data Privacy team has assisted the project in creating a data management system that protects confidential information while enabling data sharing and exchanges.

The Data Privacy Team: IEE Supervisor Mark James, Candace Pearson AJD ’19 and Joe Haase JD ‘19