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Mascoma Meadows Cooperative Climate Justice

March 2018 - Mascoma Meadows Cooperative members unanimously vote to empower their Board of Directors to move forward with a 100kW solar energy system. The Institute for Energy and the Environment’s Energy Clinic is helping the Mascoma Meadows Cooperative, a mobile home community, submit a grant request to the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission.

IEE Global Energy Fellows Climate Justice

IEE’s Global Energy Fellow for Climate Justice, Christa Shute, Energy Clinicians Tony Mendez, Matthew Rego, Will Davis, and Pastor Bruce Jerome of the Abundant Life Church (ALC) pose for a photo after the pastor announced that the church will donate .49 acres of land (with a value of $25,000) to the Mascoma Meadows Cooperative for the purpose of building a 100kW solar energy system.