IEE Graduates


Each fall, graduates of Vermont Law School, who are members of our Alumni in Energy group, sponsor a symposium in Washington, DC on leading topics in energy law and policy. Last fall the focus was on the role of decentralization in our energy systems and we held the symposium at Bracewell's new DC offices. In this panel, Jonathan Blansfield (JD'14), Manager, Strategic Alliances, Institute for Electric Innovation leads a panel on the Status of Decentralization in the U.S. and Abroad with representatives from the Advanced Energy Economy, NRDC and the U.S. Department of Energy. We are already planning next year's symposium and look forward to again bringing together in D.C. our outstanding alumni and energy industry leaders to discuss the energy policy of the future.

Assistant Attorney General
Utilities and Transportation Division, WA Office of the Attorney General
Danielle Changala
General Counsel
Ranger Solar LLC
Amanda Hustrulid
JD/MERL 2019
Graham Jesmer
Assistant Counsel
New York State Public Service Commission (PSC)
Korina Matyas
IEE Research Associate
Autumn Proudlove
Policy Analyst
North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center
Christa Shute
Global Energy Fellow for Climate Justice
Allison Silverman
NY Solar Ombudsman
The City University of New York/City of New York
Taylor Smith
United Nations
Matthew Stern
Energy Regulatory Associate
Keegan Werlin LLP
Brian Thomson
Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (MMWEC)
Regulatory Counsel
One Energy
Dorothy Wan
LLM 2020
IEE Research Associate
Bridget Woebbe
Assistant Counsel
New York State Department of Public Service
David Zoppo
Perkins Coie, Madison, Wisconsin